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Model resolution

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This Conference/Branch/AGM/Regional Council/Trades Council notes the continuing threat of war against Iran.

We are opposed to any imperialist intervention, sanctions or war on Iran. The death and destruction in Iraq today is an example of kind of ‘democracy’ imperialism brings. Real democracy can only be won from below. That is why we support the Iranian people in their struggle against the theocratic regime. This regime is repressing its own people, with trade unionists, students and women’s rights activists imprisoned and tortured.

We demand the immediate and unconditional release of workers arrested for their trade union or political activities, including Mahmoud Salehi, Mansour Ossanlou, Ebrahim Madadi and Mohsen Hakimi.

We resolve to establish practical links with the working class and progressive movement in Iran, and to provide whatever solidarity we can.

We resolve to affiliate to Hands off the People of Iran (Hopi) and play an active role in the campaign to prevent an attack on Iran. Hopi is in active solidarity with the rank and file of Iranian workers and supports their struggle for independent workers’ organisations. Hopi also supports the Workers Fund Iran, a charity which - amongst other things - supports the Iranian workers who have not been paid their wages for many months.

We resolve to publicise struggles taking place in Iran and to make available our resources and mailing lists for promotion of the campaign.

We resolve to affiliate to HOPI (TU Branches/Trade Union Councils £25, Regional bodies £50, national £100)

We resolve to donate [    ] to Hopi

We resolve to set up a standing order for [    ] to help the campaign.


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